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Applying for a pension


Filing the Application

To receive a pension, you must first file an application. You can file the application during nine months:

  • During six months preceding the pensionable age, or
  • In three months after attaining the pensionable age.

In this case, you will receive pension starting from the attainment day. The attainment time for different pension types is available here (in Estonian).

You can file the pension application:

  • At the customer service of the Social Insurance Board;
  • By email (digitally signed);
  • By regular mail.

At the customer service or by mail, present all documents required for calculating your pension amount. The list of required documents is available here.

The decision about your pension is made in 15 working days as at the forwarding of the last required document.


    Documents Required for Calculating the Pension Amount

    Together with the pension application, we expect you to present the following documents:

    • Personal identification document (at the customer service for identification purposes);
    • Employment record book or other documents certifying the years of pensionable service and/or working (archive notice, employment contract, written order, regulation, etc.);
    • Diploma issued by the vocational training institution, secondary specialized training institution, or an establishment for higher education;
    • Military card;
    • Document certifying the childbirth, if the child was born outside Estonia;
    • Document certifying the name change at marriage, if the marriage has been concluded outside Estonia;
    • If you have raised children, then 

      •   Application for a pension supplement for raising a child 

      •   Consent to waive pensionable service, retirement pension or pension supplement on favorable terms

    • Number of the bank account where you want to receive the pension.

    You can only present such documents that you actually have. For example, if you have never been in the military service, you are not expected to present the military card.

    Please present original documents or their notarially certified copies. If some document is missing and it is hard to find, then consult with our customer service (link klienditeenindustele). We can send a query to an archive or institution that might have data proving your pensionable service. Queries from archives are for a fee. The fee depends on the price list of the specific archive and is paid by the applicant.

    When you apply for a pension at the customer service of the Social Insurance Board, we ask you to bring your identity document. It could be your ID-card, driver’s licence, Estonian passport, diplomatic passport, seaman’s discharge book, foreigner’s passport, temporary travel document, refugee’s travel document, certificate of record of service on Estonian ships, return certificate, return permission. In the case of citizens of foreign countries, we shall make a registry query to check the presence and validity of their residence permit.