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Damage compensation

If you have suffered health damage as a result of an occupational accident or occupational disease and you have suffered direct property damage as a result (income has decreased compared to before or medical costs have increased), you have the right to compensation for harm.

To whom?

Please note that the claim for compensation for harm must first be submitted to the employer who is involved in causing the harm. If the employer is not willing to pay the compensation, you can submit a claim to the court to award the compensation.

You have the right to contact the Social Insurance Board if the employer has been liquidated without a legal successor (i.e., deleted from the business register).

We will compensate 

  • the loss due to loss of income
  • the loss damage due to additional medical costs
  • loss due to loss of breadwinner

How do I get it?

To receive compensation, submit an application to us with additional documents:

  • In the event of an occupational disease, notice from an occupational health physician with a diagnosis of an occupational disease and a list of related employers – you can get this from the Northern Estonian Regional Hospital
  • in the event of an occupational injury, an occupational accident report  - you can get it from the Labor Inspectorate
  • documents proving employment with the employer related to the development of an occupational disease or the occurrence of an occupational accident (e.g., employment record book, contracts, etc.)
  • if the institution has paid you compensation before liquidation, proof of the compensation paid by the institution
  • if you are also requesting reimbursement of additional treatment costs, attach cost documents (medicine invoices, rehabilitation treatment invoices)

You can submit the application with the necessary documents:

Last updated: 14.03.2023

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