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Pension abroad and foreign pension in Estonia

To a pensioner living outside Estonia, we pay the pension earned in Estonia depending on the length of retirement and the country of residence. If you have earned at least one year of pension in another country during your life, you have the right to apply for a pension there.

Receiving pension from a foreign state

If you have earned at least one year of pension qualifying period in another state, you have the right to apply for a pension there.

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Applying for Estonian pension while residing in a foreign state

If while receiving your pension you relocate to another EEA State or Switzerland, we will pay you your pension earned in Estonia as usual. You also have the right to keep receiving your pension in partner countries. The state of Estonia pays a pension to persons of pensionable age residing elsewhere in the world if they have earned at least 15 years of pension qualifying period in Estonia.

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Proof of Life

If you reside outside of Estonia and receive your pension (old-age pension, survivor’s pension or pension for incapacity for work) from Estonia, you are required to prove that you are alive each year.  By way of an exception pensioners residing in Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova and Ukraine need not present proof of life. We get that information from these countries through automatic data exchange on the basis of agreements with those countries.

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EU pensions and partner countries

Under a bilateral cooperation agreement on social security a person residing in Estonia can apply for a pension from these countries for periods worked there.

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The difference between the rate of foreign pension and national pension

A person living in Estonia who receives a pension from a foreign country or a foreign country and Estonia on the basis of an international agreement and whose pension or pensions are less than the national pension rate can request compensation for the difference between the foreign pension and the national pension rate. Thus, a pensioner living in Estonia has a guaranteed income at the national pension rate.

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Last updated: 17.03.2023

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