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Allowance for a disabled parent

If you have been determined a disability and you are raising a child alone, or if both you and your spouse have a disability and your family is raising children, we will pay you a disabled parent's allowance.

To whom?

A disabled parent raising a child alone, a parent or guardian of a foster family or one of the disabled parents is paid monthly when raising a child up to 16 years old and a child up to 19 years old without secondary education who is studying at a basic school, secondary school, vocational education institution or an institution of professional higher education, or is included in the list of full time continuing education courses of a state institution managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs an allowance of a disabled parent 19.18 euros per month for each child entitled to the allowance.

If the child turns 19, the allowance is paid until the end of the current school year or until the student is removed from the school list.

How do I get it?

To receive the allowance of a disabled parent, submit to the Social Insurance Board and an application and additional documents:

  • the child's birth certificate if the data is not available from the population register
  • notification from the educational institution if the parent raising a 16-19-year-old child studying abroad applies for the allowance
  • a document certifying marital status or the allowance applicant's handwritten confirmation that they are raising the child alone if the data is not available in the population to register and the allowance is applied for by a disabled person raising the child alone
  • the written consent of the other parent if one of the disabled parents applies for the allowance.

 You can find the application form here.

There are several ways to apply:

Last updated: 18.05.2023

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