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Old age pension

The purpose of the state old-age pension is to ensure a person's monthly income in old age.
To receive an old-age pension, you must have 15 years of pensionable service.

To whom?

If you are of retirement age and have at least 15 years of pensionable service, you are entitled to an old-age pension. 

Pensionable service depends on several activities during life, such as working and studying.

In general, it is possible to work during the old-age pension without affecting the receipt of the pension. The old-age pension is financed from the currently received social tax and the state budget. The old-age pension is indexed to the pension index on April 1 of each year.

How do I get it?

In order to receive a pension, an application must be submitted to the Social Insurance Board. If you want to start receiving an old-age pension from the day the pension right arises, the application must be submitted within a period of nine months, starting from six months before the right arises until three months after the right arises.

Application forms for obtaining a pension can be found here.

You can submit a pension application:

  • electronically digitally signed to the e-mail address: [email protected]
  • by mail to the address Paldiski mnt 80, 15092 Tallinn
  • in the customer service of the Social Insurance Board
    When you come to customer service, please bring an identity document with you. This can be an ID card, a driver's license, an Estonian citizen's passport, a diplomatic passport, a seafarer's discharge book, an alien's passport, a temporary travel document, a travel document for a refugee, a certificate of record of service on ships, a certificate of return, a permit of return.
    In the case of a foreign citizen, we check the existence and validity of a residence permit or right of residence from the population register.

Along with the application, submit all the necessary documents to calculate the amount of your pension.

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Last updated: 17.03.2023

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