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Family benefits overview

In Estonia, a universal system of family allowances is in use: every child is valuable and has the right to state support.
The right to receive family benefits comes with both the birth of a child and coming into the family in other ways, for example adoption and child care or guardianship.

A universal family allowance scheme is in use in Estonia: every child is valuable and has the right to state support.
The right to receive family benefits comes with both the birth of a child and coming into the family in another way - for example, becoming a foster family, adopting or taking a child into guardianship.

The definition of family benefits includes

  • state family allowances
  • parental benefit
  • maintenance allowance

Also, families with children are entitled to various additional benefits such as vacation opportunities, contributions to the second pillar of the accumulated pension, etc.

We pay family allowances until the child turns 19.

While expecting

Maternity leave

For a working mother, the mother's parental benefit always includes maternity leave. The right to stay on maternity leave arises 70 days before the expected date of birth of the child.

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Paternity leave

If a child is about to be born in the family or has already been born, the father has the right to use 30 working days of paternity leave, and for this period we pay the paternity benefit.

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After the childbirth

Register the child's birth in the population register

The new child must be registered at the population register before the child turns one month old. With good reason, the registration period can be extended to two months.

More detailed information about the child registration is available in the state portal section: Registration of birth and choosing a name.


Confirm the birth allowance offer in self-service.

We pay a birth allowance of 320 euros for each child.

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eesti kaart

Find out about the conditions for the payment of childbirth allowance from your local municipality,

Local municipalities pay childbirth allowances to newborns. The allowance payment conditions and the allowance amount differ per municipalities.

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Child allowance

Child allowance is paid for each child, from birth until the child is 19. 

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vastsündinu nutab

Maternity benefit and maternity leave

All mothers-to-be are entitled to maternity benefit. A working mother becomes entitled to maternity benefit before the birth of a child, a non-working mother with the birth of a child.

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väikelaps isa süles

Paternity benefit and paternity leave

Fathers are entitled to a benefit of 30 calendar days which can be used up to 30 calendar days before the estimated date of birth of the child until the child attains three years of age.

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laps ema ja isa vahel

Shared parental benefit

We pay the shared parental benefit in order to maintain the previous average income of the parent staying at home with the child.

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If you have many children


Allowance for multiple birth of three or more children

If triplets or more multiple children are born in the family at the same time, the state will pay a supplement to their family until the children reach the age of 18 months.

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kirjud mütsid

Allowance for a family with many children

Allowance for a family with many children is paid in addition to child benefits to a family with at least three children.

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If you raise the child alone

poiss kõrvaklappidega

Single parent child allowance

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laps ronimisseinal

Maintenance allowance

If other parent does not fulfil his/her maintenance obligation, we pay the child maintenance allowance. 

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laps ronib nöörredelil

Survivor´s pension

If a parent of the child has died, we pay the child a survivor's pension.

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Parents can take advantage of various additional leave options with regard to their children

purjekad merel

Child leave and child leave for a parent of a disabled child

Child leave is granted to both employed parents separately and on a per-child basis: each parent will be entitled to a total of 10 days of parental leave per each child aged 14 and under. in the case of child leave for parents of a disabled child, they can use the leave until the end of the calendar year in which the child reaches the age of 18

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Unpaid parental leave

A mother or father raising a child up to 14 years old or a disabled child up to 18 years old can take up to ten working days of unpaid child leave each calendar year.

Breastfeeding breaks

If a mother returns to work before the child is 18 months old, but wishes to continue breastfeeding, she is entitled to additional breastfeeding breaks for which her average salary is maintained if she does not receive parental benefit.

You can use at least 30-minute extra breaks to breastfeed your baby every three hours. If you have two or more children up to one and a half years old, the extra break for feeding the children must be at least one hour. Reach an agreement with the employer to use additional breaks. Additional breaks are included in your working time

Your parental benefit increases when a new year begins if:

  • You receive parental benefit at the rate of the minimum monthly wage;
  • The parental benefit calculated on the basis of your income is smaller than the minimum wage set for next year.

In both cases the new parental benefit amount equals the minimum monthly wage of the new year.

Other parental benefits are not recalculated.

For example, recalculation does not concern situations where:

  • Parental benefit equals the rate of parental benefit;
  • You have been receiving parental benefit in the maximum amount and a new maximum parental benefit amount is set for next year.

It is possible to change the recipient of family benefits. To do so, send a free-form message through our self-service.

  • We start paying family benefits to the new recipient from the following month
  • If the recipient of parental benefit is changed, we grant the benefit to the new recipient as of the month following the submission of an application. As parental benefit is paid afterwards for the previous month, it will reach the new recipient the month after the next one. For example, if the new recipient submits an application in May, we start calculating them benefit as of 1th June and we make the first payment in July.
  • We start paying additional contributions to mandatory funded pension from the day of submission of the application.

If you like, you can also submit the applications:

Parental benefit is calculated for every recipient personally based on their previous income.  The period the income of which we take as a basis always remains the same as for the previous recipient.
An exception is a situation where the parental benefit of the current recipient was calculated according to the income which served as the basis for the parental benefit for the last child and the new applicant for parental benefit has not received parental benefit in connection with the last child. In that case, income of the new applicant earned before the parental benefit for the new child is taken as the basis.

Various life events may affect the receipt of family benefits. We get information on most of them from different registers.
Information on some events does not reach registers or does not reach them in time. Therefore it may happen that we keep paying benefits when the right to them no longer exists. We must reclaim such benefits later (read more about the refund of overpaid family benefits below).

You can help us pay benefits correctly by informing us of any changes.

You are required to inform us if:

  • You relocate to another country or your child relocates to or starts school in another country;
  • A member of your family – parent, guardian, caregiver, parent’s spouse or parent’s unmarried partner, if you have common children – starts work in a Contracting Party to the EEA Agreement or the Swiss Confederation;
  • You receive family benefits from a foreign country;
  • Your child suspends or discontinues their studies in a foreign country;
  • You start working while receiving parental benefit and you earn income exceeding half the maximum limit of benefit. In 2023 it is 2145,65 euros;
  • The paternity of your child is established;
  • Your spouse or unmarried partner adopts your child.

Let us know of any changes:

  • Via e-mail to the address [email protected]
  • By calling the Social Insurance Board’s information line (+372) 612 1360;
  • At a customer service office of the Social Insurance Board;
  • Via mail to the address Paldiski mnt 80, 15092 Tallinn.

If you change your surname, we get information about it from the population register. You are not required to notify us separately. However, you are definitely required to notify of your name change the bank where you receive your family benefits.  You must go to the bank with your identity document and name change document.

If your name is not changed in the bank, your allowances will bounce back. If the money bounces back in two consecutive months, we will suspend payment of family benefits to you.

We can continue payments after you have corrected your name in the bank. 
Once your name has been changed in the bank we can continue the payments, so let us know:

If a parent who receives family benefits dies and you are the children’s other parent, you must submit an application to us for receiving family benefits.

If the only parent or both parents die and you take an orphaned child(ren) into your family, you must first contact your local government. They will help you with all the necessary documents in connection with raising the child(ren). You can enter into a foster care contract or get help with initiating guardianship proceedings in court. Read more about becoming a foster family.

Then submit to us an application for receiving family benefits. You can submit the application in the self service portal or via e-mail [email protected].

If you have received family benefits to which you had no right, you must refund these.
We will send you a notification before making a reclaim decision. If you have additional information which we must take into consideration or which may affect the amount reclaimed, please send it no later than within 15 days. Please send the information to the e-mail address [email protected] or via mail to the address Paldiski mnt 80, 15092 Tallinn.

You can refund benefits received without basis by making a lump-sum payment, by offsetting or in justified cases in instalments. 

At your request we can offset overpaid amounts against future benefits. By agreement it is possible to do this in instalments.

If you do not make an agreement with us concerning the manner of refund of overpaid amounts, we have the right to withhold these from your future benefits.

Overpaid parental benefit, maintenance allowance and family allowances can be offset against the family allowances in the following months.

When offsetting against family allowances we will withhold up to 20% of the amount of family allowances granted to you.

If you have not refunded  overpaid family benefits and the offset is not possible, we will issue a precept for the refund of overpaid amounts.  If you have received a precept for the refund of overpaid amounts and you fail to comply with the precept in a timely manner, we have the right to send the precept to a bailiff for compulsory enforcement. In that case you are also required to cover the costs of the enforcement proceedings.

The payment of family benefits may be suspended and terminated on our as well as your initiative.

You are entitled to waive family benefits and additional contributions to mandatory funded pension if: 

  • You do not want to receive family benefits or funded pension
  • You waive family benefits in favour of the other parent

    Or required to waive if:

  • You relocate from Estonia
  • You relocate to another European Union Member State and neither of the parents remain working in Estonia (read about Rules for payment of family benefits in European Union Member States)
  • The child is no longer being raised in your family

Submit to us an application for waiving benefits in the self service portal and indicate which allowances you are waiving.

If you like, you can also submit an application:

The application form is available among Family benefits forms.

We suspend the payment of family benefits in the following cases:

  • The child is separated from the family;
  • You are being held at a detention facility as an imprisoned person, a detained person or an arrested person without your child up to 3 years of age (inclusive) (if your child is with you, you are entitled to keep receiving all family allowances other than parental benefit);
  • It has not been possible to deliver benefits paid by way of home delivery by post for at least two months;
  • Your family benefits payment has bounced from the bank for at least two months;
  • Proceedings for the establishment of the whereabouts of a missing person have been initiated concerning you or your child;
  • Search proceedings have been initiated concerning you or your child because of evasion of service of imprisonment.

    We terminate the payment of all family benefits if:

  • You submit an application for the termination of the payment of family benefits;
  • The family changes their place of residence and relocates to another country;
  • You are deprived of the right of custody over the child;
  • A guardian is appointed to your minor child;
  • Your child is placed in a foster family, family home or substitute home.

We will continue the payment of benefits if the reason for suspension or termination ceases to exist.

Let us know of any changes:

  • Via e-mail to the address [email protected]
  • By calling the Social Insurance Board’s information line (+372) 612 1360;
  • At a customer service office of the Social Insurance Board;
  • Via mail to the address Paldiski mnt 80, 15092 Tallinn.

Subject to income tax are

  • parental benefit
  • child leave benefit.

Not subject to income tax are 

  • family allowances (childbirth allowance, child allowance, allowance for multiple birth of three or more children, single parent's child allowance, allowance for a family with many children, conscript’s child allowance, guardianship allowance, adoption allowance)
  • maintenance allowance 

You are entitled to exemption from income tax in relation to parental benefit. After receiving a decision on the grant of parental benefit you have to submit an application in the portal under Applying for exemption from income tax.  You can change the amount of exemption from income tax or waive the tax exemption under the same service.
An application may be submitted each month. For the new amount of exemption from income tax to take effect as of the next month the application must be submitted no later than on the 19th day.

Please note that the amount of exemption from income tax depends on your total gross income (amount before taxes)

Last updated: 18.04.2023

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