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Each euro of social tax that is paid behalf of you will increase your future pension amount.

Working during retirement is beneficial

If you are employed, then you currently can not get simultaneous early retirement pension payments. Starting from 2021, you can get pension payments in parallel with your wages – regardless of whether you retired before or after the official retirement age. However, if you retired earlier before 2021, then this early retirement pension will not be paid out together with the wages earned during retirement even after 2021.

Working during retirement is beneficial as the social tax paid by your employer will increase your pension. As your employment continues, you will continue to collect the joint part that the pension calculations are based on. The Social Insurance Board shall take the employment period into consideration, and increase your pension yearly, on April 1st.  Read more about pension recalculations and pension indexations.

You do not need to inform the Social Insurance Board about changes in your employment status – except when you receive the early retirement pension, and you have not reached the official retirement age yet. In the latter case, please inform the Social Insurance Board about your employment changes and send an email to  [email protected].

Last updated: 04.04.2023

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