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Crime Victim Compensation

If you have suffered as a result of a violent crime committed on the territory of our country, we will pay state benefits for crime victims. The purpose of the benefit is to help you cope with the situation.

To whom?

If you have been a victim of a violent crime on the territory of the Republic of Estonia and as a result you have suffered property damage (i.e., your work ability has decreased and you have lost income or you have increased medical expenses), then this benefit is intended for you.

If the victim died as a result of a violent crime, the victim's dependents and those who paid the victim's funeral expenses are entitled to a benefit.

Important information

No more than three years may have passed since the crime occurred and a criminal investigation by the police must have been initiated.

We can compensate 80% of property damage, but not more than 9590 euros. We pay the benefit in periodic (property loss compensation to the victim due to reduced work ability and dependents due to loss of breadwinner) and one-time (medical expenses, funeral expenses) payments.

We will compensate the damage caused by the criminal and we have the right to ask for the money back from the person who caused the damage. You cannot claim compensation from both us and the criminal for the same damage.

How do I get it?

Documents required to determine the benefit

  • certificate of the investigating agency – issued by the Police and Border Guard Board or a court decision on the circumstances surrounding the crime
  • a certificate from the attending physician or a family physician, according to which the treatment of a health damage resulting from a violent crime lasted for at least four months or you suffered a serious health damage. If this information is available in the health information system, you do not need to submit a separate certificate
  • the decision of the medical expert examination on the determination of the loss of work ability or the decision of the Unemployment Insurance Fund on the assessment of work ability, if you are applying for periodical compensation
  • expense documents - if you apply for medical expenses or funeral allowance (up to 448 euros)

We will help you collect the documents and background information necessary to determine the benefit.

Possibilities for submitting an application

Last updated: 06.11.2023

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