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Types of pensions

The Social Insurance Board pays state pensions to Estonian residents and Estonians abroad. The basis for pension payment is different for different pension types.

Old age pension

The purpose of the state old-age pension is to ensure a person's monthly income in old age. To receive an old-age pension, you must have 15 years of pensionable service.

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Flexible pension

Flexible old-age pension is a new type of pension that came into effect in 2021, replacing the previous early and deferred old-age pension.

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Early old age pension

Early old age pension is a type of pension that will gradually disappear from 2021. Until 2025, those wishing to retire earlier can choose for themselves whether to remain on an early retirement pension or a flexible retirement pension.

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Deferred old age pension

If you remain on a deferred old-age pension, your old-age pension will increase by 0.9% for every month that has passed and you reach the age of old-age pension.

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National Pension

If you are not entitled to an old-age pension when you reach retirement age due to a lack of years of pensionable service, and you have lived in Estonia for at least five years right before applying, you are entitled to a national pension 372,05 euros per month.

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Old-age pension under favourable conditions

Old-age pension under favourable conditions gives you the right to retire before the old-age pension age. You get this right, for example, for raising at least three children or a disabled child, or if you have worked in health-damaging professions. If you remain on the old-age pension earlier under these conditions, the amount of your pension will not decrease.

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Survivor's pension

When someone in the family dies, the state supports the dependants by paying them survivor’s pension.

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Last updated: 17.03.2023

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