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Introduction and structure of the Social Insurance Board

The Social Insurance Board is a governmental authority that works to ensure the self-sufficiency and well-being of Estonian people. We are a safety net for people in society.
  • Through us, people receive pensions, allowances, and benefits
  • We determine and pay child support
  • We determine the severity of the disability and the additional costs resulting from the disability
  • We provide and finance rehabilitation services and special care services
  • We provide victim support and reconciliation services
  • We coordinate nationwide child protection work

 The activities of the Social Insurance Board are regulated by the statute of the Board.

As of July 1, 2022, the General Director of the Social Insurance Board is Maret Maripuu. There are a total of 11 departments under the direct authority of the Director General.


Simple solutions and positive changes in a person's life. 



We ensure the independent coping and well-being of the Estonian people.




We notice and predict the needs of a person's life span in order to provide help and support accordingly. We have the opportunity and responsibility to improve the lives of Estonian people with our work. By doing this, we are caring and respectful towards the client, colleague, and cooperation partner.



Complex situations and events are frequent in our work. By involving, listening, and actively cooperating, we arrive at solutions based on the individual needs of each person



Complex situations and events are frequent in our work. By involving, listening, and actively cooperating, we arrive at solutions based on the individual needs of each person


The world around us is changing, and people's needs and expectations are changing with it. We are flexible, dare to experiment, and learn from mistakes in order to create and implement future-oriented creative solutions.

Strategic goals of the Social Insurance Board for the year 2025

We know people's needs. 

We are a center of excellence in the social field.

We understand a person's needs at the turning points of their life and anticipate changing needs in the future. A caring and analytical holistic view of a person's life makes us a center of excellence in many fields and a strong partner of local governments, service providers, and policymakers. In order to improve people's coping and well-being, we look at problems and solutions through the eyes of the customer. In complex situations, we conduct open and active cooperation to help the person and involve the person themselves in order to find the best solution.

  • We use standardized tools to describe a person's need for assistance and support their use across services and fields
  • When developing services, we base ourselves on the needs of the target group and involve service users.
  • We skillfully use the data available for the state and find people who need help before the need for help becomes unavoidable.

It's easy to get help from us. 

We are the driving force behind the development of event-based and user-friendly services in the country.

We design our processes and services simply and logically according to the needs of people. With event-based services, the person often does not have to do anything themselves because we use the data wisely and organize help, saving the person from applications and forms. We are sometimes there to offer support even when the person is not yet able to see their need for help. We value accessibility and transparency in our activities in order to increase a person's freedom of decision and reduce barriers to getting help. We invest in prevention to be better prepared for crises and other difficulties, and we help to build the ability to support each other in communities.

  • We create social services around the person in need so that they can get a solution to their problem through the first point of contact.
  • We make necessary benefits and services easily available to people through self-service and proactive provision of assistance.
  • We make sure our support is accessible to everyone.

Preventive and effective services. 

We are efficient; we improve people's coping and prevent excess damage.

We consider helping people to be a pleasant and important activity. Our clients are satisfied with our work. It is most important for us to work in such a way that the work and services of our people have a positive impact on the well-being of the Estonian people. The greatest possible independent coping of a person means that we set expectations based on the person's situation and needs. Together with the person, we look into the future in order to make wise decisions together and offer exactly the kind of help that will have a positive effect both today and tomorrow.

  • We support the sustainability of changes achieved through human motivation, services, and benefits, and the prevention of new problems, based on the principles of behavioral economics.
  • In crisis situations, we do not wait for a person's request for help but use working methods that quickly bring help to the person and prevent more serious consequences.
  • We can prove the positive impact of our solutions on the change of a person's situation.

Workplace happiness in every person and every job. 

We are the most respected employer in the social sector, and our people's workplace happiness indicators are the highest in the country.

We are proud to work for the well-being and coping of the Estonian people. Our employees feel and know that their work has a result and that every job at SIB creates significant value. Our public sector's most flexible work opportunities and family friendliness make us an attractive employer for newcomers and offer good opportunities for internal development. We trust each other in our daily work, which is why there are minimal bureaucratic processes in our work. Our good internal climate is based on caring, respectful, and open interpersonal relationships. We don't ignore problems, and we solve them in a safe and supportive way. We know how to offer each other the necessary support as colleagues. Good relations are supported by a modern and cooperative working environment and good information flow.

  • Each of our work is important and meaningful. Our working conditions are flexible and family-friendly, high management quality, and inclusive culture support the workplace happiness of our people.
  • We create and develop good relationships. We actively support the psychosocial well-being and mental health of our employees and contribute to a physical working environment and work tools that favor cooperation.
  • We value long-term working relationships and create development opportunities in the organization

Last updated: 13.03.2023

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