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Pension amount

The amount of the pension consists on several components. You can influence some of them with your own choices, others depend on political decisions at the state level.

Pension Calculation

The pension amount consists of four parts: base part, qualification period part, insurance part and joint part of the pension. These parts are added to find the pension amount.

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Pension indexation

On 1 April each year pensions are indexed to keep pensions in balance with changes in wages and prices.

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Hüvitiste, toetuste ja pensionide tulumaksustamine

Eestis kehtiv tulumaksu määr on 20%. 2023. aasta algusest on üldine maksuvaba tulu ühes kuus 654 eurot. Vanaduspensioniealistele inimestele või kalendriaasta jooksul vanaduspensioniealiseks saavatele inimestele kehtib alates 2023. aasta algusest maksuvaba tulu 704 euro ulatuses. Keskmine pension on 2023. aastal 700 eurot.

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Laste kasvatamise eest ning represseeritule ja tuumakatastroofi likvideerijale, ametnikule ja päästeteenistujale makstakse pensionilisa

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Pension and allowances’ rates

The table below shows the rates for most pensions and family allowances. Pensions, social benefits for disables persons, and social benefits for persons relocated to Estonia from a foreign country, are paid out on the 5th date of each month. Insurance premium related to work accidents and occupational diseases, compensations for victims of crime, and repressed persons’ allowances shall be paid out on the 12th date of each month.

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Working during retirement

Working is useful at any age. Each euro of social tax that is paid behalf of you will increase your future pension amount.

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Raising children impacts pensions

Raising children can give you the right to retire earlier or receive a larger pension.

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Payment of pensions, allowances and benefits

We pay pensions and benefits according to your wishes to your bank account or in the form of home delivery.

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Last updated: 22.03.2023