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Applying for pension from a foreign state

You can apply for a pension from a foreign state through the Estonian Social Insurance Board if you have earned at least one year of pension qualifying period in a European Union Member State, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. The same applies to countries with which Estonia has signed a bilateral cooperation agreement on social security (so-called partner countries). 
To apply for a pension from other countries you must contact the competent authority of the relevant country directly.

Please note that the pensionable age and the terms and conditions of receiving pension differ by countries. So you need not apply for a pension from another country at the same time as the Estonian old-age pension. Every country decides for themselves on which grounds and how pensions are paid. Pensions are granted and paid according to the legislation applicable in your country/countries of employment.

In order to receive a pension from another state please submit to us a pension application and attach documents proving your pension qualifying period in the other state. Data exchange between countries can be time consuming at times and so we urge you to submit your application in good time before retiring.

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The difference between the rate of foreign pension and national pension

A person living in Estonia who receives a pension from a foreign country or a foreign country and Estonia on the basis of an international agreement and whose pension or pensions are less than the national pension rate can request compensation for the difference between the foreign pension and the national pension rate. Thus, a pensioner living in Estonia has a guaranteed income at the national pension rate.

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Last updated: 08.01.2024

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