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Victim Support

Contact victim support if you or someone close to you has been a victim of mistreatment, physical, mental, sexual or cyber violence. You can contact victim support even if you have seen how someone else has been mistreated or an accident has occurred. We also give you advice if you are worried about a loved one or want to support someone.

Victim support workers:

  • offer you emotional support
  • share information about the possibilities of getting help
  • guide you in communication with other necessary institutions

You can also contact counseling anonymously, but you still need to provide personal data when applying for benefits and services. If your concern needs to be resolved in cooperation with several agencies, the victim support worker will ask you for permission to contact the cooperation partner.

How do I get it?

You can contact the victim support worker:

  • both as a minor and as an adult
  • on all working days by prior arrangement

Victim support workers are located in all major Estonian cities. Some areas have one victim support worker on duty, but larger areas may have several. Find your nearest victim support worker in the contact details of victim support workers.

The victim support worker can refer you to psychological counseling, and it is also possible to apply for crime victim benefit through the victim support worker.

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Contact details of victim support workers

Victim support services are provided by the staff of the Victim Support Department of the Social Insurance Board in all Estonian counties and are usually located in the same building as the police. Victim support offices are open on weekdays. To arrange an appointment, please contact a victim support worker by phone or e-mail. In case of immediate need, please contact the Victim Support Crisis Line 116006


Last updated: 06.09.2023

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