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As a result of adoption, the rights and obligations of the parent and the child arise between the adopter and the adopted child, just like in a biological family.

The adoptive family assumes the lifelong responsibility of unconditionally caring for the child. Only a minor whose parents have died or whose parents have been completely deprived of custody, or whose parents have given their consent for adoption can be adopted.

In adoption, the interests of the child come first, followed by the interests of the person who wishes to adopt. When deciding on adoption, the adopter's personal characteristics, relationship with the adoptee, and ability to fulfill the responsibilities of raising a child are taken into account. The child's national, religious, cultural, and linguistic origin is also taken into account.

For questions about adoption and foster care, contact a specialist in your area or call the helpline at 655-1666. We also answer questions at the e-mail address [email protected].

Last updated: 05.01.2024

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