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A parking card for people with disabilities

The parking card for a vehicle serving a person with mobility impairments or a blind person is intended to ensure that a person or their companion can navigate the vehicle and park it.

A parking card can be requested from the local government by a person who has:

  • moderate, severe or profound physical disabilities;
  • moderate, severe of profound visual impairments;
  • temporary visual impairments or temporary physical disabilities due to which they have to use mobility equipment.

The card will be given out for free.

How long is the parking card valid?

A parking card will be issued for the period of validity of the disability certificate, but no longer than 5 years.

In case of a temporary physical disability or visual impairment, the parking card will be issued for the period during which the person is disabled but no longer than 6 months. The period of the temporary parking card is extended for an additional 6 months only on the basis of a family or specialist doctor's certificate.

The parking card will be granted to a person, not a vehicle. The parking card cannot be used for parking without the person it has been issued to.

Please note, when parking, the front of the card must be visible on the dashboard so that the inspector can identify the registration number, validity period and issuer of the card.

The parking card will be invalidated if:

  • you give the card to a person who does not have the right to use it or if the driver serving you does not use it purposefully;
  • the card is lost or stolen. Notify the parking card issuer immediately and request a new card;
  • the card has expired. If necessary, you have to request it from the municipality again.

Last updated: 18.04.2024

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