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Victim Support

Contact victim support if you or someone close to you has been a victim of mistreatment, physical, mental, sexual or cyber violence. You can contact victim support even if you have seen how someone else has been mistreated or an accident has occurred. We also give you advice if you are worried about a loved one or want to support someone.

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Victim support crisis helpline

The victim support crisis helpline offers support and being heard if you have experienced violence, loss, found yourself in a traumatic situation or it has happened to a loved one or acquaintance. Crisis helpline counselors listen, share information about help options and, if necessary, connect you with the right specialists.

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Domestic violence

Domestic violence (also called family violence) is any form of mental, physical, sexual or economic violence that occurs between people who are or have been in a close relationship, including relatives. Anyone can suffer from domestic violence, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, race or sexual orientation. Also, in the event of domestic violence, whether or not you have been living with a person who has committed violence against you is irrelevant.

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Women's support centers

If you feel afraid in a close relationship, you have been beaten or taken advantage of, you can get help from counselors at women's support centers.

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For a victim of sexual violence

You can get help from sexual violence crisis centers if you have had sexual intercourse for which you could not give consent, you have been raped or you suspect you have been raped, or you have been forced to do other acts of sexual content, regardless of your gender or age.

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Human trafficking prevention and victims assistance counselling

Our goal is to inform people about opportunities, conditions, rules and risks of work, study and marriage abroad and assist labor-, sexual exploitation and human trafficking victims.

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Crime Victim Compensation

If you have suffered as a result of a violent crime committed on the territory of our country, we will pay state benefits for crime victims. The purpose of the benefit is to help you cope with the situation.

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Mental health care to support recovery from trauma

If you have become a victim of crime or violence, you and your family members have the opportunity, if necessary, to receive mental health care supporting recovery from trauma, the costs of which are paid by the Social Insurance Board.

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Last updated: 28.03.2023

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