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Payment of allowances

We pay pensions and benefits according to your wishes:

  • To your bank account in Estonia
  • To the bank account of another person of your choice, if you complete the application and submit a digitally signed copy, submit the application to our customer service, or submit a notarized application
  • At your expense by post, in the form of home delivery (pension, disability living allowance)
  • At your expense to your foreign bank account.

Pension/allowance will be brought to your home by post free of charge if you have reduced mobility or if you live in a sparsely populated area and banking services are difficult for you to access. In order to do this, submit an explanatory application to us stating the reasons for requesting home delivery.

If your pension was brought home but you were not at home, the postman will bring your money back. If your pension has not been withdrawn for two months, we will suspend payment of the pension. You must submit an application to continue receiving your pension. We will pay your pension beginning from the suspension.

If your pension is brought home to you but you are in a hospital, you can authorize someone to withdraw your pension, if necessary. The authorization shall be certified by the head of the medical institution (chief doctor) and the authorization certified in this manner shall be valid for the withdrawal of the pension not received within six months.

Changing your bank account

If you want your pension or benefit to be deposited in an account other than the one indicated in the original application, you can make the change

If the bank account belongs to someone else you can change it

  • By sending us a digitally signed application to the e-mail address [email protected]
  • By sending us a notarized application by post to Paldiski mnt 80, 15092 Tallinn
  • By coming to our customer service

NB!  If you provide us with a new bank account number, please make sure all the information is correct

  • If the Estonian National Social Insurance Board pays you various allowances/benefits, they will all be paid to a bank account or sent home
  • If you have submitted different current accounts to the Estonian National Social Insurance Board, all transfers will be made to the last submitted account (except for payments related to court orders)

To receive money in a new bank account next month, you must change your account no later than the last business day of the previous month.

Example: If you want to receive family benefits on 8 December in a new account, you must make the change between 1 and 30 November.

Name change

If you change your surname, we can get information about this from the population register. You do not need to inform us separately. However, you must inform the bank to which the pension, allowance or benefit you receive is paid. To do this, call the bank or go there with your identity document and the name change document.

If your name is not changed at the bank, the money will be returned to us. If this happens for two months in a row, we will stop the payment. We can resume payments after you have changed your name at the bank. If you have changed your name at the bank, please let us know so we can continue your payments.

Monthly payment of pensions, allowances and benefits

Social Insurance Board pays pensions, allowances and benefits within 30 days of the decision being made.

Form of payment

Day of the bank transfer

NB! The bank transfer is made within the payment day.

social benefits for disabled persons,
social benefits for persons having relocated to Estonia from a foreign country

5th day of each month

Family allowances,
parental benefit,
maintenance allowance

8th day of each month

Insurance premium related to work accidents and occupational diseases,
compensations for victims of crime,
payment of compensation to repressed persons,
state support for winners of the Olympic Games

12th day of each month

Benefit for pensioners living alone

5 October

Reimbursement of travel expenses of social rehabilitation service

on the Tuesday closest to the 10th of each month and on the last Thursday of the month, i.e. twice a month.

If the day of the bank transfer falls on a public holiday or other holiday, the working day which immediately precedes the holiday shall be deemed to be the payment day.

If you have to repay the over compensated pension, allowance or benefit to the Estonian National Social Insurance Agency (for example, you were not entitled to the amount or in the event of the death of the recipient), it must be paid into the same bank account from which the pension, allowance or benefit was received.

We will certainly inform the person in writing of any such incident as well.

Last updated: 24.04.2024

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