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Family situations

Life events affect how families cope. We make sure that children growing up in different family models are not left without support.

There is a disabled child in the family

We support disabled children in several ways

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A disabled parent

If you have been determined a disability and you are raising a child alone, or if both you and your spouse have a disability and your family is raising children, we will pay you a disabled parent's allowance.

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Infant early death

Parents are entitled to childbirth allowance and parental benefits if the child is stillborn or dies within 70 days.

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The child's parents no longer live together

If the parents do not live together but participate equally in raising the child, they must agree on which one of them will receive family allowances for the child. We will automatically pay family benefits to the parent who received family allowances until now. By mutual agreement, parents can change the recipient of the family allowance.

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In a family, children of several different parents grow up together

If you and your partner/spouse's children are growing up together in your family, as well as your children from previous marriages, you or your partner/spouse have the right to receive family benefits for all children.

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The child does not live with their parents

If the child is adopted, lives in a foster family, or has been assigned a guardian, the child's guardian is entitled to child-related benefits.

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Last updated: 22.03.2023

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