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The child's parents no longer live together

If the parents do not live together but participate equally in raising the child, they must agree on which one of them will receive family allowances for the child. We will automatically pay family benefits to the parent who received family allowances until now. By mutual agreement, parents can change the recipient of the family allowance.

NB! If the parents live apart, it is possible to pay the child's allowance in turn, but for this, both parents must make a joint application of the relevant content. If a joint application is not submitted, the parents must take turns submitting a new application each time to determine who gets the child support.

To change the recipient of family benefits, send a free form notification through our self-service.

  • We will start paying family allowances to the new recipient next month. 
  • When changing the recipient of the parental benefit, we assign it to the new recipient from the 1st of the month following the submission of the application. Since the parental benefit is paid retrospectively for the previous month, it will reach the new recipient the month after.
    For example, if a new recipient submits an application in May, we will start calculating the benefit for them from June 1, and we will make the first payment to the new recipient in July.

We will start making additional contributions to the mandatory funded pension to the new recipient from the day the application is submitted

 If desired, the request to change recipients can also be submitted:

  • with the digital signature of both parents at the email address [email protected];
  • signed on paper by post at Paldiski mnt 80, 15092 Tallinn;
  • in the customer service of the Social Insurance Board (be sure to bring an ID card or passport. If you come alone, bring written consent signed by the other parent).

If the parents cannot reach an agreement on changing the recipient of family benefits, the parents can apply to the court.

Calculation of parental benefit in case of change of beneficiary

Parental benefit is calculated for each recipient personally based on their previous earnings.  The period for which we base the income will always be the same as the previous recipient.
The exception is the situation where the parental benefit of the previous recipient has been calculated based on the income that was the basis of the previous child's parental benefit (read more: 
Children with a small age difference). In the event that the other parent has not received parental benefits in relation to the previous child, we will use the income prior to the start of the new child's parental benefit as a basis.

Last updated: 07.12.2023

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