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Pension certificate

Pension certificate is a pensioner’s document. It is not a personal identification document, but certifies that the person receives pension from us.

What is it and why is it needed?

The pension certificate is issued to you together with the pension payment decision. It proves the pensioner status and is the basis for receiving benefits. Plastic cards are newer, paper certificates are older. Both are valid.

The pension certificate contains the person's name, personal identification number, the period of validity of the pension and data on receiving the pension. If the pension recipient has been diagnosed with a disability, we will also add the disability information to the card. The certificate has information in both Estonian and English.

If you lose the pension certificate, the customer service will issue a duplicate.

Holders of the pension certificate are offered different discounts at several banks, transport companies, entertainment establishments, concert venues, museums, spas, health centres, pharmacies, cosmetics, ice arenas, etc. Discounts offered for the holders of the pension certificate are directly related to the service providers, not the Social Insurance Board.

We will send you a pension certificate by post within 10 working days after the decision to assign a pension is made.

Last updated: 17.02.2023

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