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Speech to text reporting

Speech-to-text reporting is primarily intended for the hearing impaired, for whom the speech-to-text reporter converts the audible text into written text that can be read immediately on the screen.

To whom?

The free speech-to-text reporting service is intended for people of working age with hearing loss (mainly the hearing impaired) who have been determined to have a reduced work ability capacity and for people of retirement with hearing loss.

The service can be used in many different situations: events, conferences, job interviews, notaries, etc. Communication is easier with the help of a speech-to-text reporter. They turn the audible text into written text for you, which can be read immediately on the screen. A speech-to-text reporting is a translation within one language - from spoken Estonian to written Estonian.

How to receive?

To use the service, the translation order can be submitted directly to the service provider, who will confirm receipt of the order or ask for additional information if necessary.

There are different ways to place orders

Fill the application

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Translation services are financed from the funds of the European Social Fund allocated to the sub-activity "Development and provision of translation services for the hearing impaired" and "Welfare services supporting participation in the labor market".

More information about the implementation of social fund grants


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Last updated: 24.03.2023

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