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The difference between the rate of foreign pension and national pension

A person living in Estonia who receives a pension from a foreign country or a foreign country and Estonia on the basis of an international agreement and whose pension or pensions are less than the national pension rate can request compensation for the difference between the foreign pension and the national pension rate. Thus, a pensioner living in Estonia has a guaranteed income at the national pension rate.

The difference is paid to people who have reached the old-age pension age and who receive a pension based on an international agreement concluded with Ukraine, Moldova, Canada, Australia, Belarus, Russia or from a country of the European Economic Community.

To start compensating the difference, submit an application to us for compensating the difference between the national pension rate and the pension received from a foreign country based on a foreign agreement for a person of retirement age. 

The recipient of international or temporary protection is paid the difference monthly to the bank account. The amount of the difference to be paid is recalculated at the beginning of each quarter, taking into account the exchange rate.

The payment is made monthly to a person applying for a foreign pension and difference payment from a country in Canada, Australia, or the European Economic Community.

If the pension is paid quarterly through the competent authority of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, or Russia, the difference is paid once a quarter, i.e., when a foreign pension is received. The amount of difference paid may be different each time, as its amount is related to the exchange rate.

Last updated: 21.03.2023

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