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Pension and allowances’ rates

The table below shows the rates for most pensions and family allowances.

  • Pensions, social benefits for disables persons, and social benefits for persons relocated to Estonia from a foreign country, are paid out on the 5th date of each month.
  • Insurance premium related to work accidents and occupational diseases, compensations for victims of crime, and repressed persons’ allowances shall be paid out on the 12th date of each month.


Amount €



Pension insurance main indicators

Pension yearly rate 7,206 (starting from 1.04.21)  
Pension base part 219,3079 (starting from 1.04.21)  
National pension rate 225,18 (starting from 1.04.21)  


Benefit for pensioners living alone 115 Once a year, in October
State support for winners of the Olympic Games 1397 Monthly benefit
Repressed person's allowance 230 Once a year, in January
Social support for the cleaners at the Chernobyl nuclear power station  230 Once a year, in January
Returnee allowance 221,63 (starting from 1.04.20) Monthly benefit

Social benefits for people with disabilities (people of the pensionable age)

Profound disability allowance for a person of retirement age 40,91 Monthly benefit 
Severe disability allowance for a person of retirement age 26,85 Monthly benefit 
Moderate disability allowance for a person of retirement age 12,79 Monthly benefit 

Compensations for victims of crime

Compensations for victims of crime up to 9 590  
Victim’s funeral compensation up to 448 One-time allowance

Compensations for health damages

Compensation for a person with an occupational disease or who suffered from an occupational accident No limit monthly benefit depends on previously earned income
Additional compensation for the insurance premium recipient No limit Compensated based on an expense receipt

Rates on which different calculations are based on

Minimum monthly salary 584 in a month
Tax-free income for all   0-500 in a month
Supplementary tax-free income on a pension 0  
Supplementary tax-free income on a compensation for damage 0  

Supplementary contributions to the mandatory funded pension of a parent to a child under 3


50,95 Monthly payment into the mandatory funded pension account until the child turns 3 years old.   Each month, 4% of the average monthly Estonian income taxed with the social tax.