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Online services


Starting October 14, the Social Security Department's self-service is available, allowing young families to confirm family benefits. This means that you no longer need to apply for family benefits through

To give us or to change your bank account number, you can visit Social Security Department's self-service.

By visiting the Estonian state portal, it is possible to submit applications for special welfare services and view compensations and benefits you are currently receiving, without the need to turn up at our customer service location.

In the state portal you can apply for an A1 certificate as a business operator, state authority or for yourself, review the status of your applications and revoke the A1 certificate.

On behalf of the company you can submit an application for the preservation of average wages for an employee who wishes to use the annual holiday of a person with partial or no work ability, parental leave, parental leave of a parent of a disabled child, paternity leave or to receive compensation for the average wages retained for breaks for feeding a child.

In order to use the services of the Social Insurance Board via the portal, you will need an ID-card, Mobile-ID or an internet bank agreement.