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The Social Insurance Board recognised support service providers

Last week, at a virtual recognition event held at the Viru Conference Centre within the framework of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Social Insurance Board presented letters of thanks to 17 outstanding support persons and babysitters of severely and profoundly disabled...
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Children and the elderly with hearing impairments can also use the remote interpretation service in the New Year

The Social Insurance Board will continue to offer remote interpretation services in the New Year to hearing-impaired people communicating via sign language. If the service was thus far provided to people with a reduced work ability, then starting in the New Year the circle of service recipients...
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Foster care support service in 2021

  Since 2016, the Social Insurance Board has been coordinating the ESF project ‘Improving the quality of foster care’. Within the framework of which support services have been provided to the adoptive families, foster families, workers in family houses or substitute homes, and young people...
As of 1 December, the technical aid service is electronical

As of 1 December, the technical aid certificate in paper format will disappear completely

The development of the Social Insurance Board’s technical aid e-service has reached the next stage and, as of 1 December, clients will no longer have to apply for or carry a technical aid certificate, as all information on a person’s technical aid transactions will move electronically between...
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Finalists in the public digital services competition Su(g were announced

A total of 75 services were received in the best digital services category of the public digital services competition Su(g, of which 40 advanced to the second round. In order to identify the ten finalists, the representative of the digital service who submitted the application had to present their...
The application form for determining the level of severity of a child’s disability has been simplified

The application form for determining the level of severity of a child’s disability has been simplified

We updated the application form, on the basis of which we determine the severity of the disability in children. As an innovation, we added an explanation to the application about what information we are expecting regarding the child's state of health and ability to cope. This allows us to prepare...
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Victim support helpline: Loved ones and neighbours who remain silent aggravate the continuation of violence

During the emergency situation, the number of people seeking help from the victim support helpline 116 006 due to domestic violence has significantly decreased. As the crisis has reduced access to help for many victims of violence, it is important that loved ones, colleagues and neighbours who...
Decisions on maintenance allowance to be visible in self-service

Decisions on maintenance allowance to be visible in self-service

From the beginning of April, the decisions on maintenance allowance will reach the recipients through the self-service of the Estonian National Social Insurance Board.  The decisions on maintenance allowance will be visible to both the recipient of maintenance allowance and the obligor in...
Crisis hotline 1247 now offers psychological first aid

Crisis hotline 1247 now offers psychological first aid

The crisis hotline 1247 of the Emergency Response Centre now offers psychological first aid. Assistance is provided in cooperation with the specialists of the 116 006 victim support crisis hotline of the Social Insurance Board. ‘We know that long-term stress can have devastating effect on our...
with regard to the emergency situation, is it also possible to temporarily verify the fact that you are alive via Skype

If you haven’t submitted your life certificate yet, you can prove that you are alive also via Skype

In April, the Estonian Social Insurance Board will stop paying pensions to approximately 1,100 Estonian pensioners residing abroad who have not submitted their life certificate during the prescribed term. Anyone who receives a pension from Estonia but does not live in Estonia must annually...