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As of 1 December, the technical aid certificate in paper format will disappear completely

As of 1 December, the technical aid service is electronical
As of 1 December, the technical aid service is electronical

The development of the Social Insurance Board’s technical aid e-service has reached the next stage and, as of 1 December, clients will no longer have to apply for or carry a technical aid certificate, as all information on a person’s technical aid transactions will move electronically between service providers and the Board. A person can view information about the purchase and rental transactions for their technical aids from the Board’s e-service.

The e-service has been in partial use since October, and will continue to be developed further. According to Tiia Orlovski, Project Manager of the Technical Aid Unit at the Social Insurance Board, two months has been sufficient to make sure that the digital system works and that service providers have become accustomed to new work processes. ‘We would like to thank all of our service providers and clients for their understanding and patience with the transition to the new system’, she said.

‘Our service is not yet completely paperless, because when buying or renting a technical aid, the client still has to carry a certificate, issued by a doctor or another competent specialist, confirming the need for the technical aid,’ said Orlovski, adding that the Social Insurance Board will continue to develop the service and in the future this certificate is also planned to be digitized.

‘If you happen to notice that the previous transactions in our e-service differ from the transactions indicated on your paper certificate, please let us know. You can communicate with us through the e-service. If necessary, please also append a copy or photo of the information on your certificate’, said Orlovski, calling on people to contact the Board in the case of any inaccuracies.

As of 26 November, the personal technical aid certificate will no longer be sent by post. If necessary, certificates will be issued until the end of the month in customer service departments across Estonia.

The Social Insurance Board has 158 contractual partners in the field of technical aids, who have more than 450 service points across Estonia. A total of 56,000 people needed a technical aid last year, and last year’s aid budget was around EUR 13 million.

The Social Insurance Board’s e-service can be accessed via the website at or with a direct link You can log in to the environment using your ID-Card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID. In addition to e-service, you can contact the agency by e-mail or by calling the information line 612-1360.

The development of e-service for technical aids is financed from EU Structural Funds.