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Missing Children Hotline 116000

The Missing Children Hotline 116000 is a 24/7 nationwide helpline free of charge which can be called to report a missing child or receive counselling when a child has gone missing.

The Missing Children Hotline provides support and, where necessary, crisis counselling and instructions on what to do in a particular situation to adults whose children have gone missing as well as children and youngsters who are lost, have left their homes without anyone knowing or are planning to do it.

Missing children are:

  • Children who have run away from home or a social welfare institution;
  • Children who are lost or otherwise missing;
  • Abducted children;
  • Unaccompanied immigrants.

The person calling 116000 may remain anonymous if it doesn't endanger the child’s life or health. Counselling is provided in Estonian, Russian and English and all calls are recorded.


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