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One-time compensation of rental costs

If a refugee who has been granted temporary protection wants to start renting a permanent place of residence, they are entitled to a one-time compensation to cover costs. Expenses will be compensated after finding suitable accommodations. Compensation does not depend on the refugee's income and can be applied for by all war refugees who have arrived in Estonia since February 24, 2022and received temporary protection.
  • Only a war refugee can apply for compensation. 
  • In order to receive compensation, an application must be submitted to the local government where the refugee lives.
  • Compensation is paid to a war refugee, a landlord, or someone else (for example, a volunteer who helped the war refugee) who has incurred expenses related to the war refugee's dwelling (e.g., purchase of furniture or household appliances, repair work). The decision as to whom the costs are compensated is made by the local government. 
  • In order to apply for compensation, a war refugee must have received temporary protection and registered their place of residence in the local government
  • The amount of one-time compensation is a maximum of 1,200 euros per household.
  • When applying for compensation, you must submit a rental agreement and expense documents if expenses related to the dwelling have been incurred (e.g., broker's fee, advance payment, purchase of accessories necessary for repairs or furnishings).
  • If the refugee's income is very low, they have the right to request subsistence allowance from the local government.
  • In addition to compensation of rental costs, you can also apply for compensation for translation services in the amount of up to 3,200 euros per family of war refugees or 1,600 euros per individual war refugee within two years. Translation costs are considered administrative situations in local governments, state institutions, educational institutions, and elsewhere that require translation. 

Last updated: 21.03.2023

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