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Supplementary contributions to the mandatory funded pension and health insurance


Supplementary contributions to the mandatory funded pension

In the future, raising children will influence the size of the pension paid out to you and even though the senior years may seem a lifetime away, it is important to think about pension already when your children are born.

There are two children-related basis for pension supplements:

  • The pension supplement foreseen with the national Pension Insurance Act;
  • Supplementary contributions as stated by the Funded Pensions Act.

Which one applies to you depends on whether you have joined the mandatory funded pension, or the II pension pillar, and if you therefore have the mandatory funded pension account or not.

You have the mandatory funded pension account if:

  • You were born in 1983, or later;
  • You were born before 1983 and have concluded the mandatory funded pension account contract before October 31st, 2010.

If you have not concluded the pension account contract by that time, it is no longer possible to conclude it. If you are uncertain whether you have a mandatory funded pension account, then it is possible to check it in the state portal, or at the Pensionikeskus website

Note that if you have joined the mandatory funded pension, you are no longer eligible for the pension supplement paid according to the national Pension Insurance Act. Whether your pension will be higher due to raising children only depends on whether you have used the option to get supplementary contributions into the mandatory funded pension account!

You are entitled to the supplementary contributions starting from the birth of your child until he or she turns 3.

We shall make the mandatory funded pension contributions to one parent at a time. Should both parents have the mandatory funded pension account and you wish to share the supplementary contributions paid for the children, you can change the recipient at any time.

If you do not have the II pension pillar account but the other parent does, then you must decide whether we should make the pension contributions for raising the child to the other parent’s account, or will you get supplementary payments under the national Pension Insurance Act when reaching the pensionable age. More information about it is available HERE.

Supplementary contributions to the mandatory funded pension – amount and application

If you live in Estonia, your family has a child younger than 3, and you have chosen the II pension pillar, we shall pay a supplementary 4% of the average monthly Estonian income taxed with the social tax into your mandatory funded pension account. We shall make payments for each up to 3-year-old child in the family, into the pension fund that you have selected.

In 2021, we shall pay 50.95 euros per month for each child under 3. If the medium salary changes, we shall calculate a new amount for each calendar year.

The supplementary contributions will be made on a monthly basis, starting from the birth of your child until he or she turns 3. During the month of the birth and the third birthday month, the contribution shall be made proportionally for the days that you are entitled to.

If you have joined the mandatory funded pension scheme, you will find in our self service portal an offer for additional contributions paid to the II pension pillar. Read more about approving family benefits.

At the latest, you can apply for the supplementary contributions to the mandatory funded pension during 6 months after the child turns 3. Retrospectively, we shall assign the supplementary contributions into the mandatory funded pension for those days when your child was not 3 years old yet, and which fall into the 6 months preceding the application date.


Social tax payment by the state – health insurance

The Health Insurance Fund shall cover medical treatment expenses of a person with health insurance. If social tax is paid for you then you are automatically insured.

If you work, your employer pays social tax for you. If you are unemployed or if your employment contract has been suspended, as during the period you are at home with a small child, you are eligible for health insurance together with national family allowances.

The state guarantees health insurance to you when you raise a child under 3 in Estonia. The state guarantees health insurance to one parent – in general, to the recipient of the parental benefit or the child care allowance. In addition to a child’s parent, these conditions also apply to a guardian or a person who has concluded a written foster care contract, or to other persons who receives the child care allowance and uses the parental leave instead of the parents.

Note that if you decide to change the recipient of allowances in your family, then the right for health insurance shall also transfer to that person to whom the allowances are paid to (adoption premium, parental benefit, child care allowance, or an allowance for a family with many children). It is important to check that the mother, who is indeed actually at home with the child, would not lose her health insurance.

  • Example. A mother is at home with her 10-moth-old, and receives parental benefit. The family decides to change the parental benefit recipient and the father submits the application. At the same time, the mother wishes to remain at home with the child.
    As the mother will no longer be paid parental benefit for the child, nor will she return to work, she will lose the health insurance and should she need medical assistance, the Health Insurance Fund will not cover her medical treatment expenses.

Automatically, the state guarantees health insurance to you (without the need to submit a separate application) when:

  • You raise seven or more children under 19 in Estonia

You must file an application for getting health insurance if you:

  • Do not work and are raising three or more children under 19 in Estonia, and at least one child is younger than 8
  • Do not work, your spouse works and the employer pays their social tax, your family has at least one child under 8 or at least three children under 16

Fill in the health insurance application form *.rtf (114.36 KB, RTF)or *.pdf (119.98 KB, PDF) file at home, sign it digitally, and email to [email protected]. You can also send the filled and signed application by regular mail to Paldiski mnt 80, 15092 Tallinn, or file the application at our customer service.

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Health insurance to the beneficiary of international protection

If you have applied for international protection from Estonia and received international protection granting decision and Estonian residence permit from the Police and Border Guard Board, and you:

  • Live in Estonia,
  • Are of the pensionable age,
  • Do not work,
  • Do not receive pension appointed in Estonia,

then we grant you health insurance starting from the first validity date of your residence permit.
How to Apply for Health Insurance?

You do not have to file an application to get health insurance. The Police and Border Guard Board forwards information about you to us automatically.

If you do not have valid health insurance for some reason, then turn to one of our customer services and take along:

  • Identity document,
  • Supplementary legal protection and residence permit decision.

You can check the validity of the health insurance by calling our infoline at 612 1360.

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Health Insurance to an Estonian Citizen or a Person of Estonian Nationality or Their Spouse, Child or Parent Who Have Moved to Estonia from Abroad

We guarantee you health insurance, if you have moved to Estonia, and you are:

  • an Estonian citizen, or
  • a person of Estonian nationality, or
  • the spouse, child, or parent of an Estonian citizen,


  • you are of the pensionable age, or
  • your monthly income is below the national pension rate, or
  • we pay you some social benefit.

How to Apply for Health Insurance?

You do not have to file a separate application for getting health insurance. If you have filed an application to receive returnee support (read more about the support in Estonian) and we have issued a decision to you, then you have also automatically received health insurance.

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