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Children’s House

The Barnahus (Children’s House) model is a child-friendly and multi-disciplinary service that we provide in order to help sexually abused children or children suspected of being sexually abused.
Children’s houses are located in Tallinn, Tartu, Jõhvi and Pärnu, but the service is available to all children in need in Estonia.

The Barnahus model is a service whereby different specialists, such as child protection officials, the police, prosecutors, psychologists and many others work together to ensure the welfare of children. The Barnahus team assesses the child’s health, social situation and need for further assistance, carries out investigative operations necessary to resolve the case and offers the child the help he or she needs.

To be provided the service the local authority’s child protection official must contact the specialist at a children’s house and file an application. 
Parents and even children themselves can also request the service.
Likewise, a children’s house may be contacted by any person or specialist who is concerned about a child’s sexual behaviour.

The Child Protection Act obliges everyone to report a child in need of assistance or in danger. Report a child in need of assistance or in danger to the local authority’s child protection official or by calling the emergency number 112 or the Child Helpline 116 111.