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Long-term sheltered employment

The long-term sheltered employment service has been established for people who due to special needs arising from their state of health are not capable of working in usual working conditions on the open labour market. Sheltered employment allows a person to perform duties according to their abilities in a suitable working environment and at an appropriate pace while being provided with necessary supervision and assistance.

To whom?

The long-term sheltered employment service is provided to persons

  • of working age (aged between 16 years and retirement age) but established to have no work ability or to be incapacitated for work to the extent of 80–100% 
  • who has been diagnosed with mental disorder, visual disability, brain trauma or an illness which caused brain damage

Assess your ability - you have to be capable of performing purposeful work on average 10 hours a week.

The recipients of the long-term sheltered employment service may not receive the following services at the same time:

  • Employment support service (from the Social Insurance Board)
  • Short-term sheltered employment service (from the Unemployment Insurance Fund)

How to receive?

To receive the service a person or their legal representative must submit an application form  to the Social Insurance Board.

An application can be submitted:

In the application, you can also indicate your wishes regarding the location and service provider 

The application will be reviewed within 40 working days and you will be informed if and when you can start the long-term sheltered employment service.

Description of the service

Kaitstud töötamise teenust pakutakse selleks spetsiaalselt loodud töökohtades teenuseosutaja juures. 

The long-term sheltered employment service is divided into three stages:

In stage I which lasts up to four months you can try out and practice different jobs in the course of which professional skills are formed and your capability to work is assessed. 

In stage II you are provided with sheltered work for a service provider under supervision for at least 40 hours a month. If you will continue on the open labour market or have worked for a service provider within 3 years, the service provider guides and supports you as necessary for working in III stage.

Last updated: 24.03.2023

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