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Emotional support and pastoral care helpline 116 123

Counsellors offer emotional support every day from 10-24
Pastoral care helpline is open every day from 16–24
• Phoneline is free to call
• Support is available in Estonian, Russian and English

Emotional support 116 123 

every day from 10-24

Call if you want to talk about your everyday life and worries. Our counselors will listen to you, offer emotional support and help you figure out how best to deal with your concerns. Anyone is welcome to call, who has worries and difficulties in their lives and who feels the need to talk about it.

All calls are recorded.

Pastoral care 116 123 

every day from 16–24

Call if you are worried about your own or a loved one's health, you need emotional support, you have existential, spiritual or religious questions or you are grieving or supporting the deceased and their loved ones. A pastoral care worker is a theologically trained counsellor, with the obligation of discretion and confidentiality, trained to help sick, crisis or dying people.

All calls are recorded.

Our paramount priority is to extend immediate assistance to those in critical state or whose life is threatened. Should repetitive inquiries follow once the threat to life and health has been considered eliminated, it is the Department's discretion to warn and then to discontinue for following 24 hours of acceptance of calls emanating from such phone numbers.

Last updated: 29.04.2024

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