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Survivor's pension


Survivor’s pension is a type of state pension.

The following persons have the right to receive survivor’s pension:
- permanent residents of Estonia;
- aliens residing in Estonia on the basis of temporary residence permits or temporary right of residence.

Upon the death of a provider, family members who were maintained by him or her have the right to receive a survivor’s pension. Survivor’s pension shall be granted to the children, parents and the widow or widower irrespective of whether they were maintained by the provider or not.

Calculation of survivor’s pension

The greatest of the following shall be the basis for calculation of a survivor's pension:

1) Old-age pension calculated on the basis of the provider’s accumulation period and insurance components;
2) old-age pension if the person has completed thirty years of pensionable service.

The amount of survivor’s pension depends on the number of family members.

The amount of survivor’s pension is as follows:

1. to three or more family members, 100 per cent of the old-age pension that served as a basis for calculation;
2. to two family members, 80 per cent of the old-age pension that served as a basis for calculation;
3. to one family member, 50 per cent of the old-age pension that served as a basis for calculation.

To apply for survivor’s pension one should contact the Social Insurance Board.



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