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Prevention and cooperation



Preventing harmful situations is the best way of avoiding the children’s need for help. Prevention of problems is always more effective than dealing with consequences. It is essential to identify problems at an early stage and take action as soon as possible.

In Estonia, prevention is regarded as a cross-sectorial issue, that is addressed within the government areas of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Education and Research.

Prevention in the field of child protection is managed by the Social Insurance Board and local government authorities.

The Social Insurance Board coordinates prevention across sectors (social, education, medicine, legal protection). In order to do this, the Child Protection Department:

Prevention in the field of child protection is based on the Strategy of Children and Families 2012-2020 (PDF) (PDF) (Annex 2. Public health-based model approach in prevention).

The functions of local government units include the development and implementation of prevention programmes and projects to safeguard the rights and welfare of children, and the provision of services to children in need and their families.

Prevention in the field of child protection is coordinated by Nadežda Leosk, Adviser of the Child Protection Department,




Lastekaitse alases ennetustöös lähtume Laste ja perede arengukavast 2012-2020 (PDF) (Lisa 2. „Rahvatervise mudelile tuginev lähenemine ennetustöös“).