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For the applicant of family allowances


Entitlement to family allowances

We pay family allowances to support families with children and the raising of children.

  • You are entitled to family allowances if:
  • A child was born to you;
  • You are the spouse of a parent raising a child;
  • You have adopted a child;
  • You are a child’s legal guardian;
  • You have taken a child into foster care;
  • You are a person raising a child;
  • You are a studying adolescent older than 18, and have moved to live alone.


You are entitled to family allowances if both you and the child are permanently living in Estonia, and if you are:

  • An Estonian citizen;
  • A foreigner living in Estonia under a residence permit or a right of residence.


If you live in several countries, you are entitled to family allowances if you reside in Estonia for at least 183 days during 12 consecutive months – meaning that you are a resident as defined by the Income Tax Act. 

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Applying for family benefits

We grant benefits retrospectively for six months from filing the application, but not more than you are entitled to.

The most convenient is to file the applications for family allowances, parental benefit and additional contributions to the mandatory funded pension through the state portal Prefilled applications have already been generated based on the registry data.

You can also file the application for family benefits:

  • By emailing the digitally signed application to;
  • By mailing it to Endla 8, 15092 Tallinn;
  • At one of our customer services, located here. When you visit our customer services, be sure to take your ID card or passport with you.

Additional Documents Required for the Application of Family Benefits

When granting family benefits, we emanate from data available in the state information systems. If data is missing in the system, we ask you to present required documents yourself.

To apply for the foster care allowance, present the concluded foster care agreement to us.

To apply for the single parent child allowance for a child whose parent has been legally declared a fugitive, present the legal resolution declaring the other parent to be a fugitive to us.

To apply for the adoption allowance, present the adoption court order to us. If the child has been adopted in a foreign country then you should present a document proving that you adopted the child in a foreign country.



Different family models

Child’s parents are separated

  • If the child lives equally at the homes of both separated parents, the child is, according to your mutual agreement, regarded as belonging into the household of one parent. In a situation where the parents cannot reach an agreement as to who is the recipient of family allowances, they have the possibility to turn to court.

The blended family with children of several parents

  • Either you or your partner / spouse is entitled to receive family benefits for all children if your family raises, in addition to your mutual children, also children of your partner or spouse from their previous partnership. If you have agreed which one of you is the recipient of the family benefits, that parent should file an application to us, together with another parent’s agreement for diverting the benefits.

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Kati Kümnik

head of the compensations department

Kati Kümnik organizes and directs the work of the compensation department: sets goals, gives instructions to officials, and performs and mediates tasks related to the organization of pensions and family allowances. She also advises the Social Insurance Board on issues related to family allowances and organizes the development of the allowances system.