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Child Helpline 116111


The Child Helpline 116 111 is a 24/7 free of charge service available for everyone to allow swift reporting on children in need of help.

Experienced specialists provide counselling as well as crisis counselling to the callers.

The purpose of the Child Helpline service is to ensure that children in need of help or in danger get assistance as soon as possible and in a way that best protects their interests. First, the counsellors will identify the caller’s problem and, based on information obtained, provide counselling either instantly over the phone, or forward the information to other specialists, e.g. child protection workers or the police if necessary. Callers can remain anonymous. Counselling is provided in Estonian, Russian and English.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, a friend or a parent, a neighbour or a teacher, you can dial the Child Helpline if you need advice or help with handling certain situations and to avoid bigger problems and prevent accidents.

For example Child Helpline could be contacted in the following cases:

  • quarrels between children or youngsters, and problems in school, home or hobby groups
  • quarrels between children and parents
  • bullying at home or school or in hobby/training groups and on the Internet
  • child raising and custody issues
  • neglected children
  • children in need of help or in danger
  • self-destructive behaviour in children, for instance injuring oneself or intending to do so
  • issues related to the use of Internet by children
  • physically, emotionally or sexually abused children

Further information is available on the Child Helpline web site


Missing Children Hotline 116000

The Missing Children Hotline 116 000 is a Europe-wide 24/7 helpline for reporting on missing children.

The Missing Children Hotline provides support,crisis counselling and instructions to adults whose children have gone missing and to children and youngsters who are either lost, have left home without notice or are planning to do so.

Missing children means:

  • children who have left home or a welfare institution without notice;
  • abducted children;
  • lost or otherwise missing children;
  • unaccompanied minors.

Callers dialling 116000 can remain anonymous but calls are recorded in order to solve the case as fast as possible. The calls are answered in Estonian, Russian and English.

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